"my cherie amour pretty like one i adore, you're the only one my heart beats for" - Stevie Wonder

Ladies I know that Valentines Day is around the corner. If you are like me then you have no idea what you are wearing and you probably don't want to wear a dress because 9/10 it is going to be a cold night. Lucky for you I have come up with 5 outfit ideas for the girl who doesn't want to or doesn't like to wear a dress!
All five of these outfits are sexy/cute enough for you to go on that romantic dinner with you significant other.  So here we go!

1. The Seductive Jumpsuit

Untitled #14

This jumpsuit sport the two main colors for valentines day, pink and red. Pair a cute jumpsuit with a cute pair of heels, a belt bag to snaz it up a bit, and a beautiful pair of studs and wah lah you have a great date night outfit for Valentines Day!

2.  Simple and Chic

Untitled #15

This outfit choice is for my urban fashionista who like to be a little flashy for the big occasion. This is a cute fur coat (my new personal favorite), a pair of frayed end jeans, a cute but simple black bodysuit, a pair of metallic booties, some statement earrings and a name plated knuckle ring.

3.  Menswear with a Twist

Untitled #13

This outfit is a pants suit with a deep v-neck blazer. You can wear this with a shirt or bralette underneath but we suggest you don't and give just a sneak peak of cleavage. This paired with a good heel and red statement earrings.

4.  Dress and Jeans

Untitled #11

This outfit might be my favorite! This new trend with dresses over jeans is simply just so cute if paired with the right accessories. This outfit paired with jeweled studs and a cute clutch/cross-body. This is perfect for the day and the night!

5.  Sexy but Sleek

Untitled #12

This final outfit is a pair of cute palazzo pants and a cute bralette paired with simple heels and dainty earrings.

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